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by melonakos on June 7, 2012

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Join the hottest GPU software company. We’re rapidly expanding and looking for talented developers who are passionate about making the programming world more efficient. The things we work on at AccelerEyes provide orders of magnitude more productivity for other developers, greatly increasing the amount of science, engineering, and analytics which are produced each year, across the globe, and across every technical computing industry.

Specifically, we are looking to hire many developers in the following two roles:

  • Application Engineering – the most vital job. It requires an ability to produce applications in a variety of disciplines, such as healthcare, finance, oil & gas, defense, etc). You will be the most expert users of ArrayFire and Jacket, and will spread your understanding throughout the ecosystem. It requires the tact of interfacing with customers smoothly, while also requiring the brains to get into the CUDA/OpenCL code to enhance, improve, and extend features required by the applications. This role produces the roadmap for future product features, engages directly in highly visible technical activities (such as technical tradeshows, technical blog posts, technical customer emails, etc), and works closely with CUDA/OpenCL developers to build new versions of products.
  • CUDA/OpenCL development – we only hire the most talented developers. More than half of new hires wash out in this role. The other half go on to have marvellous careers and build the best GPU software in the world. It is tough stuff. Only the strong need apply. No previous experience in CUDA/OpenCL required, but you will get grilled during the interview process about your coding talents.

We are also seeking to expand our sales presence in the Washington DC/Baltimore area, as follows:

  • Salespeople in Baltimore – play an integral role within our inside sales team through marketing and sales efforts directly to customers. Manage customer accounts using customer relationship management software. Coordinate many marketing and sales related projects.  Looking for highly motivated individuals with an interest in entrepreneurship. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential. Exuding enthusiasm for technical computing is perfect for this job.

Good luck and we look forward to brining many of you on board in the near future.

TO APPLY: send resume to jobs@accelereyes.com to initiate the interviewing process

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