CUDA and OpenCL Benchmarks – Keeneland Workshop Day 1

by melonakos on February 20, 2012

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Today was Day 1 of the Keeneland Workshop.  Many great talks were given, across a broad range of GPU computing topics.

With last week’s ArrayFire Webinar fresh in mind, it was interesting to see similar conclusions drawn in a presentation by Kyle Spafford of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Kyle independently ran a number of benchmarks over a period of time which show how quickly OpenCL has matured and where it yet has room for improvement.  The slide below comes from Kyle’s presentation.  For numbers >1, CUDA is faster.  For numbers <1, OpenCL is faster.  Performance in most cases is close to equivalent.

Just as we showed in the ArrayFire webinar, OpenCL performance is quite comparable with CUDA performance.  The Achilles heel for OpenCL right now seems to be in the FFT and a few other cases related to texture memory optimizations.

Many other great talks were given at the workshop. ArrayFire and Jacket were also covered in the library talks.

If you are looking at solving HPC type problems with GPUs, you should follow the activities of the Keeneland group.  These guys are leaders in GPU computing for HPC.



MySchizoBuddy May 1, 2012 at 3:54 am

the chart would have been better to read visually if 1 was the baseline and not 0. So numbers less than 1 would be on the left side of the line with title “OpenCl faster by” and number over 1 on the right side with title “Cuda faster by”. It makes for a quick glance. Now I have to actually go through each item and check if it is greater than 1 or not. very annoying 

AccelerEyes May 1, 2012 at 10:31 am

Good point.  That chart was created by Oak Ridge as a side note in one of their presentations.

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