Jacket over Remote Desktop for Tesla and Quadro GPUs

by vishy on January 17, 2012

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We recently reported that Jacket could be used over Windows Remote Desktop connections as long as you had an NVIDIA Tesla device in TCC mode. With the latest NVIDIA driver updates, Tesla and Quadro devices can be put into TCC mode, making it possible to use Jacket over Remote Desktop with both Tesla and Quadro devices.

We have tested this out with the NVIDIA Quadro 4000 as well as Quadro 6000 GPUs. The system had a Tesla C2050 connected to the display, and the Quadro in TCC mode. Here’s the ginfo output:

>> ginfo
Jacket v2.0 (build 80c7ba4) by AccelerEyes (64-bit Windows)
License Type: Designated Computer ([JACKET_ROOT]\jacket\engine\jlicense.dat)
Addons: MGL4, JMC, SDK, DLA, SLA
CUDA toolkit 4.0, driver 285.62
GPU1 Quadro 4000, 2048 MB, Compute 2.0 (single,double)
Memory Usage: 1977 MB free (2048 MB total)

Jacket over Remote Desktop is documented extensively on the AccelerEyes Wiki. Please check that page for more information.

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James Malcolm January 22, 2012 at 12:30 am

Got it up and running on another setup: Quadro 6000 for compute, Quadro 4000 for viz.  By default the BIOS insisted on using the Q6000 for the DVI output (because it was detected as better?), so had to go into BIOS settings and manually set Q6000 compute and Q4000 as viz and reboot.

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