Jacket Demo – CPU vs GPU runtimes on MATLAB® code

by melonakos on September 1, 2011

in Benchmarks,CUDA,Jacket

To explore the differences between CPU-only computing and GPU-accelerated computing, the new Jacket Demo is really convenient.  The Jacket Demo automatically launches two MATLAB® sessions, one running on the CPU-only and the other running on the GPU with Jacket.

This side-by-side demo shows the computational speed of each processor as well as a visual depiction of the algorithm’s progression.  A variety of different demos are provided.

The Jacket Demo is included in every Jacket installation (found in the examples directory and launchable from the Start Menu in Windows).

Checkout this video of the Jacket Demo in action on an i7 CPU with a Tesla C2050 GPU.  Enjoy!

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Vis September 20, 2011 at 9:10 am

Just a note: the Jacket Demo can be run from the command line on Linux systems too, as follows:
$ sh launch_jacket_demo.sh -m [matlabpath] -j [jacketpath]


[syler:~]$ cd /usr/local/jacket/examples/JacketDemo
[syler:JacketDemo]$ sh launch_jacket_demo.sh -m /usr/local/MATLAB/R2011a/ -j /usr/local/jacket/

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